The 3D ProtoTissue System

The 3D ProtoTissue™ System consists of a disposable, easy to handle rotating ProtoTissue™ Bioreactor together with a computerized multiple drive unit.


The disposable ProtoTissue™ Bioreactor is designed for culture and manipulation of 3D surrogate tissuein in vitro. The ProtoTissue™ Bioreactor can be used for creation and cultivation of a broad range of 3D structures from immortal cell lines, biopsies, primary cells and stem cells.



The ProtoTissue™ Bioreactor has the following unique features

  • A versatile and easy to handle patented culture vessel
  • 2-in-1 bioreactor that clicks open to provide petri-dish-like access
  • Unique design of culture media air exchange that prevents culture medium evaporation
  • Tissue and media can be sampled or manipulated at any time using standard techniques without causing physical damage to delicate tissues
  • Multiple assays can be applied to tissue or culture medium from the same bioreactor
  • Easy maintenance: culture initiation, media changes, treatment, etc.
  • Programmable rpm control of multiple drive unit
  • Automatic data logging from incubator and multiple drive unit control




Disposable Prototissue™ Bioreactor

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